about me

I was born in Beira - Mozambique.

In 1977, after the independence of Mozambique (1975), I moved to Portugal.


Graduated in logistics and later as steel technician, it is in this last role that in December 2008 I had an accident at work and I lost my left leg.
In 2011 I had to undergo a new professional requalification and opted, as a matter of taste and vocation for multimedia, now this is my professional area.

- My hobby is: Traveling.

- In 2019 I started to get a taste for taking pictures of birds.

Adding these two factors together with the fact that the two daughters are already grown and independent and because I'm divorced, I decided to go around the world following the route of migratory birds.

And on December 28, 2019, I decided to interrupt my professional life for a while and i went behind "The Dream":
- I took the plane to Delhi (India) to start this dream that would be interrupted on March 24, 2020 when I was in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) because countries started to close borders due to the covid 19 pandemic.

Although I felt quite safe, I thought it wasn't worth spending money to be "stuck" in a hotel room but, for a few days I considered staying in Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok and working from there but I ended up going back home.

Élio G. Castelo